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August 2008 An Electronic Blast

From Fort Laramie Historical Association

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Summer Guests @ Fort Laramie

Fort Laramie National Historic Site Guest BookWith Labor Day right around the corner, I'm amazed at how quickly this busy season has gone by. I glanced through our Visitor Guest Book the other day and noticed what a distance some of our guests have traveled. There were a large number of guests from the Netherlands, Great Britain, Italy, Ireland, Australia, Sweden, Russia, Germany, Belgium, Scotland, Holland, France, Austria, Canada, Switzerland, and all the States in the Union. Most of them made comments that they really enjoyed the visit and loved learning about the history that is preserved here at Fort Laramie.

While further perusing the guest book, looking for people I might know, I noticed on May 3, 2008, Tommy & Cathy Franks from Roosevelt, Oklahoma signed our register. If you didn't recognize his name, Tommy is a highly-decorated, retired General from the US Army. We were honored to have them here as our guests! On July 28, 2008, we had another famous visitor-- Steve McQueen from Ringgold, Georgia. I'm thinking this wasn't the Academy Award-nominated movie actor from the 60's & 70's, but it was thrilling to see his signature! If Marilyn Monroe or Elvis would have signed on the same day, I might have started to wonder.

On July 2, 2008, we had two guests that were definitely V.I.P's. Julia & Camille from California have been Junior Rangers since they were four. Julia who is now thirteen has 48 Junior Ranger badges and her sister, ten year old Camille is close behind with 44. While chatting with these two highly-decorated Junior Rangers, I asked Julia what her favorite part of the Junior Ranger Program was. She said, "Showing my friends all my new badges and answering any questions they have." Junior Rangers, Julia & Camille from California, receiving their Junior Ranger badges from Sam the RangerBoth Julia & Camille proudly display their Junior Ranger badges on vests and they informed me they were both on their second vest! It looks to me like they will be needing a third one very soon! We congratulate both Julia & Camille on their dedication in earning so many Junior Ranger badges and hope they continue to learn about our great National Parks and share those experiences with others. Maybe they can recruit more Junior Rangers for us!

Bikes from Historical Trails Cycling Tour waiting patiently for their owners to return from visiting Fort Laramie National Historic Site.One day in June I noticed a group of cyclists pedaling in to Fort Laramie. I met up with their leader, Tom Armstrong (not related to Lance) and his side-kick, Griffin (the dog). Tom is the owner of Historical Trails Cycling and has been leading groups along America's historic trails since 1993. His current tour along the Oregon Trail from Independence, Missouri to Oregon had 13 riders and they were going to pick up 3 more in Casper, Wyoming. They travel about 75 miles per day and have a great time seeing history from the seats of their bikes. If you're interested in seeing some pictures from past tours, check out his website at Historical Trails Cycling. It's exciting to see guests arriving at Fort Laramie without the use of gasoline-- in its own way, similar to how the pioneers arrived.

As this busy summer season winds down, I want to remind everyone Fort Laramie National Historic Site is open year round, from sunrise to sunset-- not many guests get to see Fort Laramie blanketed in snow. Be one of the lucky few-- see you this winter!

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The classic slide has been reborn at the Fort Laramie Historical Association Bookstore. Our wonderful slides that used to be great sellers have been sitting on our shelves collecting dust. Young people would just look at them in amazement-- not knowing what they were. I even started to wonder myself if anyone owned a slide projector any longer. And then one day a Ranger came up with the idea of packaging them with a slide viewer and...presto...our dust collecting slides are flying off the shelves! Kids even put down their ipods & cell phones to try them out!! Get your Fort Laramie National Historic Site Slide Set with Viewer today for only $6.95. Once they're gone, they're gone. The viewer is great for looking at other slides you have laying around too!!