August 2009

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Fort Laramie Bakery Summer 2009

Post Bakery-- Best Thing Before Sliced Bread!

Sliced bread didn't get invented until 1928, but sliced bread isn't nearly as scrumptious as the army bread the post bakers at Fort Laramie have been making in our 1876 bakery. Visitors can watch, learn, and best of all, sample, as Soldier baking breadRangers in period attire demonstrate how the soldiers of Fort Laramie prepared over 700 loaves of bread a day. The aroma smells delicious, but the temperature in the bakery lets you know why this duty at the fort was not one that was popular! If you'd like to read more about military baking, click here to link to a book published in 1905 called, "Handling The Straight Army Ration & Baking Bread" by Captain L. R. Holbrooke & Color Sergeant Patrick Dunne of the Fifth U.S. Cavalry. Its illustrations and text give you some insight into what it was like for the post bakers of that era and it also includes recipes you might enjoy! Skip to page 167 to jump to the "Bread Baking and Management of the Post Bakery" section of the book.

If Bread baking in Bakery at Fort Laramie National Historic Siteyou would like to try your hand at baking the "Fort Laramie Army Bread Recipe" send me an email with "Army Bread Recipe" in the subject line and I'll forward it to you. Make sure you send me pictures of how your baked Army Bread turned out!!

New Fort Laramie Passport Station

Fort Laramie has a NEW Passport Station!! If you're not familiar with the NPS Passport Program, I'll get you up to speed...it consists of a Passport Book, Commemorative Stamps, and Park Cancellations. Whenever you visit a National Park, you can get your Passport Book cancelled. The rubber-stamp ink markings record the name of the park and the date of your visit, just like a real U.S. passport! Commemorative stamps can be collected also. Each year since 1986, a series of Commemorative Stamps are issued. The set of 10 stamps (1 national and 9 regional) are contained on one handy sheet. Simply detach the stamps and place them in the designated areas in your Passport Book. As you can see, the Passport Book makes a great memory to remind you of your visits to our great National Parks.

And now that you're up to speed...What started out as a quick drawing by me, that looked more like a pinball machine than a Passport Station, was taken by Jim Bowsher, NPS employee extraordinaire and crafted into what I actually saw in my mind-- Fort Laramie NEW Passport StationOur fantastic Passport Station!!

Our Passport Station has always been a central part of our Visitor Center and Bookstore, but now it really stands out and visitors can cancel their Passport Books in style! We have 5 different cancellations-- Fort Laramie, Pony Express, California Trail, Mormon Trail & Oregon Trail!! A fantastic picture of the Fort Laramie hospital ruins is also featured this year, for the first time, on the Commemorative Stamps.

Items To Purchase

Passport Merchandise

Passport MerchandiseFrom left to right, top to bottom. Passport Explorer Edition- $49.95 This deluxe edition of the Passport comes in a zippered case with pockets and larger pages. It is in binder form so you can add additinal pages as needed. Passport - $7.95 This handy, spiral bound, 6" x 3" travelogue fits conveniently into a pocket or backpack for easy reference. The 104 page guidebook makes it easy to learn about and explore all of our national park sites. It includes maps, color-coded for specific regions in the county, pre-visit information, illustrations and photographs. Kids' Passport Companion - $5.95 This kid-friendly companion to the NPS Passport can enhance your children's experiences in our national parks. The 100-page book is to be used with the original Passport Book and contains checklists of many of the national parks in the country, a place to list the Junior Ranger programs your child completes, a field journal, and much more! Your kids can keep track of the memories they make while visiting our national parks! Commemorative Passport Stamp Set - $3.95 This full-color stamp sheet includes one national and nine regional stamps to place in your Passport Book. We have all years back through 1989. This year the Fort Laramie Hospital Ruins are featured as one of the nine regional stamps! Photograph taken by Carol Stevenson, NPS.