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March 2010

An Electronic Blast

From Fort Laramie Historical Association

In this issue

In the beginning...Photography

Fort Laramie view from a distance ~Library of Congress(~Photo from Library of Congress)

Photography has become so common today with almost everyone having access to a camera-- even in our phones! We snap pictures and document almost every aspectKids on horses in Laramie River with Fort Laramie in view - Fort Laramie NPS

(~Photo from Fort Laramie NPS)

of our lives. Back around the start of the Civil War (1861), the use of the camera to document history was in its infancy. At one time, the only way to have a picture made of you was to have a painting done. This was very expensive, but now with the birth of photographs almost everyone could afford to get their portraits taken by a photographer. Photographs were taken of families, soldiers, battlefields and scenery. Our love affair with photography was well on its way.3 Troopers on Fort Laramie Cavalry Barracks porch -Fort Laramie NPS

If you would like to try your hand at making a camera similiar to the one Civil War photographers used, check out these fabulous instructions to make a pinhole camera out of supplies you can probably find around the house. If mine turns out, I'll post some of my pictures next time.

(~Photo from Fort Laramie NPS)

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