June 2009

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Summer Happenings


Fort Laramie

A lot has happened out at Fort Laramie this summer. . .

175th Anniversary of Fort William

First of all, our 175th Anniversary of Fort William was fantastic! Hope you were here to enjoy it, but if you weren't, here are a few pictures to let you in on the fun...Story Telling at 175th Anniversary of Fort William

One of the story tellers weaving his tale at the "Tall Tales of the Fur Trade" event Friday evening.

Living History Camp at the 175th Anniversary of Fort William

Living History camp across the Laramie River

Music by Mark Gardner & Rex Rideout at the 175th Anniversary of Fort William

Mark Gardner of the duo Mark Gardner & Rex Rideout, picking a tune on his banjo

Young fur trappers looking for the cache at the Kids Games during the 175th Anniversary of Fort William

Young fur trappers looking for the cache at the Kids Games

Brand new emigrant wagon at Fort Laramie National Historic Site, Wyoming

New Covered Wagon

The Fort Laramie National Park Service just received their new covered wagon, which is a replica of the most common wagon used by the emigrants going west. It was built by the Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop in Letcher, South Dakota. They do amazing work!! To learn more about their company, what they do, and how they do it, click here. You can even take a virtual tour of their shop.


The University of Wyoming has A UW student sifting through some of the dirt in the foundation of the Two-Company Infantry Barracks at Fort Laramie, looking for artifactsbeen out doing some archaeological work on the "Two-Company Infantry Barracks Foundations" at Fort Laramie. Nine workers (2 students and 7 volunteers) have used modern remote sensoring to help them with their work and it has paid off. They've discovered a pile of leather boot soles, some food bones, buttons, andA big find of artifacts-- soles of leather boots, button, can, etc cans. They have also learned a lot about the size and condition of the foundation. Their discoveries help us learn more about what living at Fort Laramie was like.

Pony Express

One hundred and forty-nine yearsA wood engraving depicting a Pony Express rider waving to workers installing the first transcontinental telegraph which would shortly be the demise of the Pony Express ago the Pony Express started their historic mail service which delivered mail from Missouri to California in just 10 short days! Such an incredible feat became worthless, just nineteen months later when the transcontinental telegraph was completed. Two days after the start of the telegraph the Pony Express ceased deliveries. To commemorate this inovative company, there is an annual Pony Express Re-Ride. It's a 10-day, 1,966 mile, 24 hour a day, non-stop ride by over 500 riders & horses. This year the ride left St. Joseph, Missouri on June 9th at 10am and arrived in Sacramento, California on June 19th at 8am. Letters can be sent with the riders for the same price as they were in 1860s-- $5.00. Here's a picturePony Express rider arrives at Fort Laramie on the 2009 Re-Ride of the rider making his stop at the Fort Laramie station. If you would like to see more pictures and information about the ride click here. Stay tuned next year for the 150th Re-Ride Celebration!!

Plenty more where that came from

That's just a few of the exciting happenings at Fort Laramie. Stop by and enjoy them for yourself! Fort Laramie National Historic Site is open year-round! Their next planned event is the annual "Frontier 4th of July Celebration" this Saturday, July 4th from 9:30 to 5:30. See you there!!