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March/April 2010

An Electronic Blast

From Fort Laramie Historical Association

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  • Season Preparations
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  • Be a Part of History!

    • Western expansion began at Fort Laramie and can only continue with your involvement. If you would like information on becoming a Fort Laramie Historical Association Member, please send us an email.

      Being a part of history benefits everyone!

Season Preparations

As the weather starts to warm, Fort Laramie is buzzing with activity as workers prepare for our upcoming busy season. Hence, the lack of an e-Bugler in April-- sorry!

As I was out on the grounds the other day I noticed nature and our local wildlife making their preparations for the season too-- A goose wading in the Laramie river and a bird amongst the branches of a Cottonwood treetrees were sprouting new growth, flowers were blowing in the breeze, green was overtaking the golden colors of the long, cold winter, birds were taking care of their young and enjoying the crisp Spring day. Enjoy the pictures of of some of the wildlife I ran across at Fort Laramie National Historic Site.

Baby bunny by New Guardhouse, bird on ruins, bird on branch with Commissary Storehouse in background, and a turtle swimming in the Laramie river.

Visit Fort Laramie National Historic Site this year and enjoy our wildlife, nature and site firsthand!

From Our Store

Fort Laramie National Historic Site Handbook $5.00 and Mountain State Mammals $6.75

Fort Laramie National Historic Site Handbook


Our handbook is loaded with modern and historic pictures of our site and text that explains the history of our site. A must have for all Fort Laramie enthusiasts!

Mountain State Mammals


This pocket-sized guide helps you identify the animal you see by its skull, tracks, droppings or other signs. It covers Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico.

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