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May 2010

An Electronic Blast

From Fort Laramie Historical Association

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    • Western expansion began at Fort Laramie and can only continue with your involvement. If you would like information on becoming a Fort Laramie Historical Association Member, please send us an email.

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2010 Upcoming Events

Old Bedlam decorated for the 4th of July

The dates are set for Fort Laramie National Historic Site's exciting events for the 2010 season. Some of the events have further information attached, so just click on them. Add your favorites to your calendar right now so you won't forget about them! If you have any questions about any of the events, you can email me or call the fort at 307.837.2221. We look forward to seeing you out at the fort this season!

Special Events

June 19-20 Fur Trade Fort Laramie

June 22 "Forts of Wyoming" presentation by Author Jeff Barnes

July 4 Old Fashioned Fourth of July

• July 10 Star Gazing

• July 24 Creatures of the Night Program

August 14 Annual Moonlight Tour

August 14-15 1860s Military Encampment

August 24 Presentation - "Fur, Fortune and Empire: The Epic History of the Fur Trade in America" by author Eric Jay Dolin

Pioneer Quilts

Pioneers with Quilts. Image. 1900. Web. 26 May 2010

Many quilts passed through Fort Laramie as the pioneers traveled west. Quilts were sometimes given as gifts from friends the pioneers were leaving behind or made especially for the trip. Unlike the quilts that are made today, the material was not purchased for the quilt but leftover scraps or clothing that was outgrown or unrepairable were used. Many quilt patterns can be associated with the trek west-- "Oregon Trail", "Wheel", "Road To California", "Broken Dishes", and "Wandering Foot". I found this great website with all the information you ever wanted to know about quilts-- International Quilt Study Center & Museum. The museum is located at the University of Nebraska and you can visit if you are in the area. Otherwise you can explore online. I found the "Making Your Own Quilt" to be tons of fun. Here's how mine turned out. If you make one, send me a link to your design by putting in our email address on the send screen: It's also interesting to look at the 881 quilts they have in their "Collections Database". You can browse by all kinds of topics and you can save the quilts you like into your own collection by creating an account. There's so much more to learn, so have fun exploring and I hope I've spiked your interest in quilting!

From Our Store

Images of America:  Fort Laramie by Starley Talbott $21.99

Images of America: Fort Laramie


New book about Fort Laramie! Fort Laramie was one of the most important frontier outposts of the American West. Founded as the trading post Fort William in 1834, the fort became a U.S. military post in 1849. Beginning in 1841, emigrants stopped at Fort Laramie while traveling the Oregon, California, and Mormon Trails. Fort Laramie served as a gathering place for thousands of Native Americans and hosted the 1851 and 1868 treaty councils. When the treaties failed, the post became the staging area for campaigns that eventually led to the tribes's confinement on reservations. Fort Laramie was abandoned by the military in 1890; the buildings were auctioned and served private interests during the homestead period from 1890 to 1937. Fort Laramie was acquired by the state of Wyoming in 1937, and the fort became a unit of the National Park System in 1938. Fort Laramie National Historic Site is open daily except New Year's Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The restoration of many structures to their historical appearance provides visitors with a glimpse of the past.

Prairie Children and Their Quilts $24.95

Prairie Children and Their Quilts


14 Little Projects That Honor the Pioneer Spirit. What was it like for children growing up on the American frontier? As you make these simple little prairie quilts, you'll discover what a significant role quilting played in the lives of the women and children we now call the pioneers.

Quilts of the Oregon Trail by Mary Bywater Cross $29.99

Quilts of the Oregon Trail


Between 1840 and 1870, thousands of women arrived in the Pacific Northwest by way of the Oregon Trail. This migration or "leave taking" was a life-changing experience, consuming the longest time and widest distance these women would travel to establish homes and farms and help build communities for themselves and their families. This fascinating book presents quilts as documents of history to discover the women and their life stories. The book features 56 quilts made before, during, and after the journey west, as well as new information about the role of women in their communities. Each quilt is shown in full color, along with vintage photos of the makers plus information describing the quilt and the maker's family. Multiple appendices relate trail conditions, an analysis of the quilts, letters and narrations of the Trail experience, and available resource locations. Also includes a glossary, extensive bibliography, maps, and index. A wonderful resource for quilt enthusiasts, descendants, educators, and historians alike.

Beginning Quilting Kit $11.95

Beginning Quilting Kit


Kit Includes: Precut fabric squares, muslin, batting, stuffing, needlw, thread, pattern and instructions for 3 projects-- a potholder, a doll blanket, and a small pillow

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