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October 2009

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New "Rustic Hotel" wayside exhibit.  In background are the ruins of the hospital.

There's Something New At Fort Laramie...New Wayside Exhibits!

Fort Laramie National Historic Site has seven new wayside exhibits around the park, thanks to the research and graphic design of Ranger Steve Fullmer. These exhibits bring information about our site through a visual display of pictures and text. Since there were more buildings at Fort Laramie than now exist, the wayside exhibits can bring missing history to life.

One of the new exhibits features the "Rustic Hotel", a now-missing building at Fort Laramie. It was one of the few, non-military buildings-- a log structure, built by the Post Trader, which also served as the stop for the Cheyenne to Deadwood Stage. When it opened in 1876, it was touted as a some-what five-star hotel of its time, with its dining room and fine woven linens. I won't give the whole story away, but you'll want to see the exhibit to find out who else was staying at the "Rustic Hotel".

By spring, an additional 14 new wayside exhibits will be installed. Make plans to visit soon!

Fall at Fort Laramie 2009 - Captain's Quarters

It's Fall!

Fall has come to Fort Laramie. If you want to make your house smell like fall, make some homemade apple butter! Try this vintage recipe from the 1859 book by Elizabeth E. Lea, "Domestic Cookery, Useful Receipts, and Hints to Young Housekeepers". It's fun to read, but sounds like it's pretty labor intensive, so you might want to use the modern luxury-- of a crockpot with this recipe instead, from "Living The Country Life". So much easier!! Happy Fall!!