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Native American Shield/Ornament - Bear Society Shield


The shield of buffalo hide, carried by most Plains warriors, was valued more for its medicine power and spiritual protection it gave the owner than for its practical use in warding off arrows and spear thrusts. To the man who carried one, it was considered his most sacred possession. The medicine power was contained in the design painted on it and its other decorations. The designs were received in dreams along with the ceremonies and taboos connected with the shield.

These mini shields are handmade and painted on genuine leather by Middle Waters, producers of Native American Ornaments and Collectibles. Each shield comes with a legend explaining the meaning of the design.

Bear Society Shield
The Bear Society was originally created by the Kiowa nation to show respect for the physical and spiritual power of the bear. The bear was a fearsome fighter, as well as a wise healer. By putting the bear on his shield, a warrior received those attributes in battle. This design shows a bear at the entrance of a cave protecting his family from the attack of its enemy. Red often associated with bear medicine, is the color of blood, the sacred color of life, it represents the Red Road, the path of proper conduct. Black represents intense spiritual devotion and signified victory. White is the color of the spirit world which calls to the influence of ancestors and looks forward to one's own new life after this one.

Size: 3 inches. USA made. South Dakota. Non-native made.

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