A Guide to the Indian Wars of the West

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From 1860 to 1890 the United States military engaged in war after war with the indigenous peoples of the West. Although numerous treaties recognized the rights of individual tribes, the U.S. government often did nothing to stop settlers from expanding into Indian territory. Some Indians fled, and others attempted to coexist with the newcomers, but many fought against the loss of homelands and traditional ways of life. Superior numbers, organization, and technology benefited the United States, yet Indian resistance was often skillful, heroic, and tenacious.

This informative work serves as a guide to the battlefields and fits the episodes into the larger historical drama. John D. McDermott, who has spent a lifetime researching the events, discusses the equipment, organization, and lifeways of the combatants. He explains circumstances underlying the encounters and analyzes the significance of events. This detailed guide also leads students, tourists, and history buffs to monuments, parks, museums, and other sources of information about the wars.

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