A Summer on the Plains with Custer's 7th Cavalry

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A Summer on the Plains chronicles Annie s experiences on the western frontier, with perceptive observations of the 7th U. S. Cavalry and the Custer inner-circle. Her participation in a Great Buffalo Hunt is recounted in dramatic and exciting fashion. At Fort Hays Annie fell in love with Captain George Yates Custer s friend from Civil War days and the steadfast commander of Company F, the Band Box Troop. They married despite the objections of her family, and raised three children on the isolated and dangerous frontier. The book has two diary sections, a chapter on George Yates, a chapter on the Buffalo Hunt, as well as six appendices. They include Libbie Custer s memories of the great buffalo hunt, Annie s horse riding list, Annie s perceptions of General Custer and a profile she wrote on him, George Yates letters from the 1874 Black Hills Expedition, and a remembrance of Mrs. Custer by a daughter-in-law of the Seventh Cavalry.

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