Hand Shadows

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Creating hand shadows on a wall is a pastime that has entertained young and old alike for generations. Now the art of hand shadows is made easy in this volume, a combination of two wonderful Victorian novelty books.
By following the clear visual instructions (a full-page illustration of each subject shows both the shadow and the hand position that forms it), shadow shapers will be able to make a bird take flight, a duck quack, Toby the dog wag his tail, and more. With a little patience and practice, anyone can learn to make these and 30 additional figures, including a deer, camel, bunny, bull’s head, Shakespeare, grandpa, an elephant, and more. Soon you’ll be able to invent your own designs.
Parents, teachers, and older brothers and sisters can use this book to amuse youngsters or themselves. The distinctly Victorian flavor adds considerable period charm to this collection of shadow figures. Browsers and children at heart will especially enjoy leafing through the pages of this book.

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