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The Horse Soldier 1881-1943 Volume III

SKU: 1286

This is the third volume of a projected four-volume work delineating, in text and voluminous illustrations, every aspect of the uniforms and equipment of that most colorful of all United States military forces--the cavalry. In Volumes I and II the author described and pictured the uniforms, arms, and equipment of the cavalry from Revolutionary days to the outbreak of the Indian Wars. In this volume the author addresses the period of the cavalry's decisive conquest of the Indians and the securing of the western frontier, the Spanish-American War and the glory of "Teddy Roosevelt's boys," and the years when the thunder of the Great War in Europe was echoing ominously across the Atlantic to America. Each era made its demands upon the horse soldier and his mount, and the author shows how the government dressed, armed, and supplied them to meet those demands. Volume III, like the earlier volumes, is lavishly illustrated with two color plates and 168 black-and-white drawing, meticulously detailed. This book and the two earlier volumes in the series are indispensable reference works for researchers and historians of America's military past.