The Powder River Expedition Journals fo colonel Richard Irving Dodge

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Lt. Col. Richard Irving Dodge’s journals, written with utter candor for his eyes only, are the fullest firsthand account we possess of Gen. George Crook’s Powder River Expedition against the Sioux and Cheyenne Indians, which culminated in Col. Ranald S. Mackenzie’s resounding destruction of Dull Knife’s forces on November 25, 1876. Editor Wayne R. Kime, with his customary flair, has transcribed the journals from Dodge’s pocket-size notebooks and has provided a pertinent introduction and well-crafted, thoroughly illuminating annotations.

Dodge’s journals will clearly prove useful to specialists in U.S. -Indian relations and the Great Sioux War, but they will also appeal to a variety of readers because of Dodge’s lively style and his range of subject matter. With vigorous intelligence, he describes such topics as General Crook as a military leader and strategist, the merits of infantry versus cavalry against the Plains Indians, the effects of subzero weather in Wyoming on a large army far from its sources of supply, and of course, the elusiveness of military glory.

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