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Frequently asked


  • How much does it cost to visit Fort Laramie National Historic Site?
    Fort Laramie National Historic Site is a free site. We do not charge anything for our visitors to enter the site or take tours. Our special events are made possible by the wonderful donations and purchases that our visitors contribute.
  • Where do my donations to Fort Laramie Histoical Association go?
    Your donations go directly to the preservation of this wonderful site along with the events that help educate our visitors about the fascinating history of Fort Laramie.
  • Are pets allowed at Fort Laramie?
    Yes and No Fort Laramie welcomes visitors to walk their pets on the grounds as long as they are properly controlled with a leash. Animals are not allowed inside any historic structures. We do require you to clean up after your pet. Please bring clean up bags to help keep our historic park clean.
  • Are there any food options at Fort Laramie?
    Sadly no. We do have a designated picnic area on site with cottonwood trees towering over the tables for shade. You are allowed to cook your own food at the picnic grounds or enjoy food you have with you. Please check at the Visitor Center for current fire restrictions in the area.
  • Are there any camping options at Fort Laramie?
    We do not allow camping on site. However, there are many camping locations in the local area. You can find more information at the Visitors Center.
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